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Volunteer Opportunities

Help us change lives


Become a Help Center Volunteer


Do you have 2 hours or more a month to be a good listener and offer support to a struggling parent?  You decide how much time you have to give, knowing you can swap shifts if something comes up.

Volunteers lend a caring ear, distribute food, and offer information & referral to local assistance programs. 

Join our wonderful crew: 

Cindy Arlington           Scott Blair           Claire Burns             Jennifer Bunce Katerina Chong           Abby Cooper      Donna Desrosiers    Jenny Iverson    Kathe Halloran            Deb Howard       Kathy McGinnis        Patty McKenzie    Nita Niemczyk             Melanie Muns    Jan Devore Nicholls  Paula Prive    Nancy Roessel            Kris Sawyer       Kathie Street             Toni Trotzer

 Become a Donor

Transportation Assistance Program/TAP: Donate prepaid gas station gift cards for referred and screened families who receive fuel assistance for transportation to essential appointments. 

Outreach Workers' Emergency Food Pantry: Donate food or prepaid grocery store gift cards for nonperishable food.

Quarterly Distribution of Non-Food Stamp Items: Donate paper and personal care products or household cleaning supplies that families referred by local schools are offered 4 times during the school year. 

Food for Thought Program: Your monetary donations buy food at school for those kids who otherwise would go hungry. 

Kids Kupboard:  Donate school supplies, hats and mittens, books and other needed items for families with children in Hampton schools.

Homeless Assistance Fund: Donate to this program which provides limited financial assistance to referred, screened Hampton families in crisis situations.

 * Remember, because we are all volunteers at HCC, all money/goods you donate go directly to families in need.